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Mercedes-Benz are high quality cars and the service for them needs to be of equal quality. Your car is well made, but there are parts that are designed to wear out. We keep on top of those needs to help keep you on the road and cost you less in the long run.


We've got a large selection of the more common Mercedes parts on hand. Other more specialized parts can be had within a matter of hours rather than days. Fixing your car with the right parts is the way you want it and it's the way we do it.


Taking your car to a general mechanic can work for some things and not for others. As a Mercedes-Benz specialty shop, we can make any repair on your car. We stand behind our work to ensure your car is safe and reliable.

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Ignition, Locks, Smart Keys and Security

The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) has certified Precision Mercedes as "Vehicle Service Professionals" (VSPs) for inclusion in the NASTF Locksmith Identification database (LSID), certifying us as qualified and authorized to perform the same services as the dealerships.

Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension

Every car has wheels, but not every car handles and rides the same. A ride in a Mercedes Benz car should be smooth and feel solid. If kept in proper working order, the car should handle, slow down, and ride well in any road and weather condition. Keeping these components dialed in is of utmost importance.

Engine, Transmission, Electrical and Cooling

These components are hidden under the hood and of your car. They're designed to work in concert with one another and this harmony of systems needs to be not only working properly, but in tune with each other. Think of it as a symphony of excellent musicians. When put together, they perform perfectly and you enjoy the experience.

Things You Can Check

Inspecting Your Tires

Your car is well made, but there are parts that are designed to wear out. Keeping on top of those needs will keep you on the road and cost you much less in the long run.

Inspecting Your Car's Oil

Your car's engine has lots of moving pieces which need to be lubricated. This is the job of oil.  Check your manual on how to check yours or let us show you how.

What Is Your Car Telling You?

The dash lights are telling you that your car needs some attention. If your dash lights come on and stay on, it's best not to ignore them. Disregarding these lights could cause costly repairs sooner than you think.